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Durjoy Chakraborty Shouri


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Che Guevara portrait in the DUCSU building

Che Guevara portrait in the DUCSU building


Graffiti has always been a powerful expression against oppression.  It has also been a valid way to convey a message of social or political importance. And Dhaka University being the hub of every movement which compels us to shape up our critical consciousness has always been glorified with some significant graffiti.

 Graffiti of Che in the DUCSU building

The Che Guevara portrait in the DUCSU building reminds the students of the larger than life persona the man used to possess. Che has always been a huge source of inspiration for revolutionaries around the world. His write-ups have also been influencial during our war of liberation to proceed with guerilla warfare.  Over the years Che`s portrait has inspired millions and has represented the spirit of youth beyond boundaries. And DUCSU building is an ideal place to commemorate the legacy of the icon.

Munira Murshed, a first year  student of the Department of Anthropology says `Many of us being from rural backgrounds never got to know who Che Guevara was. I have seen this face on numerous occasions specially on T-shirts. But when I got chance in Dhaka University it was when I saw the graffiti for the first time. It also had something written beside it and the fact being this portrait is the only other portrait of Che apart from the one which I have seen all my life without getting to know who he was, caught my attention. And I came to know more about the person gradually. Now, the face I used to know but the person I didn`t,  has hugely inspired me to raise my voice against injustice, all thanks to that graffiti. "

The graffiti of Sanjeeb Chowdhury

The walls of TSC is decorated with multiple graffiti. The graffiti of Sanjeeb Chowdhury commemorates his contributions in the fields of music. Sanjeeb Chowdhury`s music inspired a lot while protesting against the then BNP-Jamaat Government`s oppressive moves. It has another graffiti beside the one of Sanjeeb Chowdhury, it is of John Lennon. Lennon is one of the most influencial figures the world has ever seen in the fields of music. Lennon and his friends redefined pop music in the 60s with the arrival of Beatles. His song `Imagine` inspired generations. Thus the depiction of Lennon`s graffiti along with Sanjeeb Chowdhury`s rightly conveys us the social and political consciousness that the students here possess.

Vandalised graffiti of John Lennon

But there is another side of the coin as well. The graffiti of Lennon has recently been vandalised by an anonymous group of people.The vandalism of the graffiti took place in response to a decision made by the university authority (which was later called off) to terminate the activities of the organisations of TSC by 8 PM.

The Graffiti of Moeen Hossain Raju on the walls of Dhaka University Central Library is the biggest of all. Moeen Hossain Raju, a student leader of Bangladesh Students University was killed by violent activities of other political parties on 13th March, 1992. Eversince he died, he has become a symbol of peace against violent political activities.

The Graffiti of Moeen Hossain Raju

Tariq-ul-Islam, a 2nd year student of Mass Communication and Journalism says, "The graffiti is aesthetically enriched, vibrant in color. And a row of closed fists breaking the chains of tyranny and oppression makes it worth watching."

There are some newly made  graffiti in TSC as well. But in the recent times the most talked about one is the Subodh Series. The first of its kind in Bangladesh  the Subodh Graffiti has created a lot of buzz and said to have unsettled the policy makers as it rejects the status quo completely. There have been a lot of discussions on Hobeki, the probable maker of this series in disguise. But the person is yet to be identified. The graffiti depicts a person who is sometimes thought to be an escapists, sometimes an anarchist.  But the series of graffiti of which some are in the university campus is the recent example of how much powerful graffiti as a means of protest can be.

Apart from these,  the graffiti of the language martyrs and language movement glorifies the walls of university residential area near Central Shaheed Minar. But like the one of Subodh, the graffiti makers like to stay behind the curtains keeping a low profile. But the graffiti they make certainly have huge impact and raise the beauty of Dhaka University Campus.