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Paint the walls red

Tabassum Binte Tabriz


প্রকাশিত : ০২:০৬ পিএম, ২৮ অক্টোবর ২০১৯ সোমবার

Paint the walls red

Paint the walls red


People have always risen their voices against injustice. Procession, counter attacks on the anti-group are popular mediums of protests, but there are other forms that has gained popularity over time as well. One such kind is graffiti, which gives the protesters anonymity and allows one to protest through brainstorming. Since the liberation war of 1971, Graffiti has always played a major role in the history of expression. Another chapter was added in the recent times, when the walls of Dhaka University were painted with the words that screamed justice for the murdered BUET student Abrar Fahad.

The students of Dhaka Unicersity showed their support, speaking up against the gruesome murder of Abrar Fahad. They painted the Abrar Fahad protest graffiti on the walls of DUCSU building. Under the portrait of Abrar, the wall read: ‘Justice for Abrar.’ Besides Abrar, there were graffitis of other tortured students as well, who were mercilessly injured and harmed during their stay at the campus.

Hafizur Rahman, a resident student of Salimullah Muslim Hall, faced death while he had to spend a whole night outside his dormitory. The misty cold weather and the authority’s inability to allocate a seat for Hafizur did take his life, but the current students still bear his memory in their hearts. The graffiti of Hafizur at the opposite of TSC is just another reminder how the students are tortured, abused to death because of the so-called manner classes, otherwise known as guest room culture.

Beside the graffiti of Abrar, the face of another student took place on the wall. Ehsan Rafique, who was tortures and beaten by Salimullah Muslim Hall Chhatra League and was severly injured on his eye. The beating continued for almost 12 hours. All these tortures occurred from a simple incident when Ehsan asked to return his calculator.

The graffiti of another tortured student is seen beside Ehsan, the graffiti of Abu Bakar Siddique. Abu was a student of Islamic culture and history. He also was a resident student under Salimullah Muslim Hall. On 3 February, 2010, Abu died whilst being caught amidst the clash between two groups of Chhatra League.

These powerful graffities were a much-praised initiative of Dhaka University’s “Legal seat is my right’’ (Boidho seat amar odhikar) platform. Although many obstacles came before and after the making of these graffities, the strength and the conscience of the students are nowhere near to be repressed. Truth shall prevail, and the criminal will be brought under light- till then, let art speak with all it’s might.